HYPER 2022

Elevating sensation.

  •   Big Air 
  •   Boosting, from zero to hero
  •   High aspect, no respect
  •   Go big or go home

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  • Hyper kite
  • Kitebackpack
  • Small repair kit
  • User manual

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This kite is hyped up. High performance. Big confidence. Power. Muscle. No hassle. Emotion. Devotion. Addiction. Perfection. Pure power. Rush hour.

Meet the redesigned king of the air with brand new TerTex material. This rocket launcher of a kite takes you to the moon and back. From zero to hero. In split seconds. No jokes. It delivers.

With the strongest and lightest 5 strut kite frame we have ever made, the Hyper is rock solid. No fuzz in the air, just pure lift, glide and smooth touch down. With Triplex Ripstop, it pulls. It pulls a lot, like a train.

Medium bar pressure gives power on demand and ultimate control for this big air boosting machine.

High aspect, no respect. Pull to play, accelerate. Oh damn, hit the break, Load up, get high. Let fly. Come down. Retry.

The 2022 Hyper – Go big or go home.

2022 Hyper news:

The 2022 Hyper continues to go in the direction of modern kites: weight is reduced while strength and performance are improved. The new Hyper received a major upgrade, as our designers implemented a brand new lightweight TerTex material. It is two times stronger than our Triplex triple ripstop and at the same time TerTex is forty percent lighter than the Dacron material we use. TerTex is applied in strategic areas of the kite in order to save weight, but at the same time, maintain a rigid and durable frame of the kite. Our designers found TerTex perfectly suitable for all struts, wingtips of the canopy and canopy reinforcement over the central strut. In these areas, TerTex replaced Dacron and the 2022 Hyper 12m weighs 3,7 kg instead of 4 kg on the 2021 Hyper 12m.

This makes a big difference in how the kite performs. Lighter kites move faster through the air, are easier to relaunch and turn quicker. It also increases the wind range, as low end performance is increased, because the kite is still able to fly in lighter winds.

With the weight reduction the bridle needed to be redesigned to squeeze the best possible performance and take full advantage of the weight savings. Bar pressure is reduced and the new Hyper has a much more fluent feel to it. The canopy is again more refined with reduced number of panels. Leading edge seams reinforcements were moved inside of the leading edge for increased strength and cleaner closing seam.

These aspects were all improved, while the hangtime and lift of the Hyper stayed untouched and we all know how amazing it is. 


WIND RANGE (knots):15-4012-3311-2810-249-20
WEIGHT:2.70 kg3.10 kg3.30 kg3.70 kg4.10 kg

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