Payment options

PayPal – 100% safe and money back guaranteed

You can also purchase items using PayPal. The safer, easier way to pay without exposing your credit card or bank account number.

What is PayPal?

• PayPal enables individuals and businesses to send and receive electronic money online via their PayPal account which can be created on

Funding an account

To fund an account, a User must either:
• Purchase electronic money from PayPal via their funding source(s). In practice, this means that each time a User requests PayPal to send money, PayPal simultaneously debits the chosen amount from the User’s default funding source (PayPal balance, bank account, debit card or credit card). PayPal then sends this online payment to the intended recipient.
• Accept an online payment that has been issued by PayPal and sent from another PayPal User

Sending payments

• To send a payment to a third party via PayPal, a User usually provides the email address of the intended recipient By doing so, the User sending the payment instructs PayPal to transfer electronic money from their PayPal account to the account of the recipient. If the payment is accepted by the recipient, PayPal completes the transfer

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The main advantage of PayPal for buyers – money back guaranteed

If you pay via a PayPal account you are 100% safe. Even in a case of fraud, when the seller “steals” your money and does not deliver the ordered products (which will never happen with CrazyFlyshop) PayPal fully refunds your credit or debit. Also, your credit or debit card number is not shown to e-shops, because the money transfer is done via PayPal accounts

Bank Transfers

Purchasing goods via bank transfer is easy and ensures a safe transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: According to EU regulations - When transferring money between EU countries including Norway, you can ask the bank to make a standard EU transfer which should include the same charges as a domestic bank transfer. You can contact your bank for further details.

When paying via bank transfer the buyer must ensure that all bank transfer charges are paid so CrazyFlyshop receives the correct total of money.

Bank account details:

Bank name and address:

VÚB a.s.

Mlynské nivy 1

829 90 Bratislava 25, Slovakia


Account name: Crazy Fly s.r.o.

Account number: 3122406555

IBAN: SK1702000000003122406555