Name your poison.

  • Cable park star
  • Rocket launching pop
  • Full carbon construction
  • Superior edging
  • Comfy light weight

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  • Toxic wakeboard

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The Toxic is a high end full carbon park board aimed at intermediate to advanced riders. With a low weight, yet high strength carbon layup, it makes for a smooth and dynamic ride. Such strong layup allows for thinner construction. This results in cutting edge rails and unbelievable load and pop characteristics of this carbon bomb. With a stiffer center and more flex in the tips, it sits nicely on obstacles and provides a locked in feel on presses. Medium segmented rocker generates unlimited water speed and reduces drag. The Toxic is a comfortable ride thanks to a large center concave, which eats up chop and ensures soft landings. Brand new in wakeboarding, the Nano Glide Skin with micro channels on the bottom of the board create a locked in feel and precise edging for air tricks.


SIZE:135 x 43139 x 44143 x 44148 x 46
ROCKER / HEIGHT:4,4 cm4,5 cm4,6 cm5,5 cm
SURFACE:5150 cm25370 cm25550 cm26070 cm2
STANCE:49 - 61 cm49 - 61 cm53 - 62 cm53 - 62 cm
WEIGHT RANGE:Up to 78 kgs62 kgs and up68 kgs and up72 kgs and up

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